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Welcome to the NCASHI  North Carolina Home Inspector Peer Review

Whether you’re a novice North Carolina Home Inspector looking to gain education and experience, a veteran Home Inspector looking to stay on top of your game, a Home-Buyer in need of a top-notch Home Inspector, or a dedicated real estate professional searching for a  like-minded Home Inspector to refer to your valuable clients, the NCASHI Peer Review program benefits you. Either directly or indirectly. The Peer Review Program is only available in North Carolina through the first, and original, ASHI Chapter….the North Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.


NCASHI Peer Review

Peer Review Tests A Candidates Knowledge

To consistently provide that exemplary level of Home Inspection service, a Home Inspector has to be knowledgeable about an exceptionally wide variety of technical issues…he or she has to keep themselves up to date regarding inspection methodologies and techniques…they need to thoroughly understand and implement the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics under which they operate….they have to be able to produce quality, readily understandable, and compliant reports…and they have to be very well versed and completely cognizant about all things relating to exactly what it takes to provide a thorough, complete, and ultimately valuable Home Inspection.

It’s often difficult for any individual home inspector to know just how he or she stacks up against the competition…A Home Inspector rarely has the opportunity to go head-to-head with other inspectors to help answer the question “Am I as Good as I Should Be?” or “Am I As Good As I Could Be?”. Of course, the answer to that question is that we are rarely as excellent as we should be because…we can always be better no matter how good we might be.

Enter the NCASHI Peer Review program…a tremendously successful educational event that puts a North Carolina Home Inspector to the test… a grueling exercise that challenges both the novice and veteran Home Inspector alike to prove their stuff when it comes to the identification of defects, the compliance of their written reports and their knowledge of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

So what is this Peer Review thing, anyway? The Peer Review program has three primary components. Those are:

  • The Inspector By Review®
  • The Master Inspector By Review™
  • The Educational Review

A Peer Review begins with the chapter securing a suitable house to inspect. Because after all…what would a Home Inspection be without a house to inspect, right? Arrangements are made, contracts are signed, and the house is readied for the Peer Review. Normally a day-long event accomplished on a Saturday, a panel of experienced inspectors, all having previously earned the prestigious and highly sought after Inspector By Review (IBR®)designation inspects the home and develops a list of ten “must find” defects or issues that are, in the opinion of the collective panel, items that would necessarily have to be included in a Home Inspection report if that inspection report were being prepared as the result of a fee-paid inspection for an actual client.

“Biggest strength of the program? The desire on behalf of the staff to see us succeed.”

The Peer Review candidates confidentially provide the panel with two Inspection reports that they have previously created for past clients…one for a newer home and one for a home of 50+ years of age.

North Carolina Home Inspectors - NCASHI Peer Review

Then, the candidates are divided into groups….and they’re given only two hours to inspect the home, which I might add, is substantially less time than they might ordinarily take to inspect a home under normal circumstances. The candidates aren’t allowed to confer with one another at any time during the process nor are they allowed to compare notes. The candidates then prepare their reports and, one at a time, they present their findings to a panel of 3 of those experienced Home Inspectors. At the same time, the panel is reviewing those two inspection reports for compliance with the reporting requirements of the Standards of Practice. And finally, the candidate is presented with a series of multiple choice and true/false questions.

Should a candidate identify all ten of the “must find” items, prove that their Home Inspection reports are in compliance, and receive a satisfactory score for the orally administered test questions, then they are awarded the elusive and highly regarded

IBR designation…they are an “Inspector By Review”. All of the inspection items are reviewed in detail with the candidates and all of the rationale as to why particular items were determined to be ‘Must Find” items…the entire process is accomplished in an educational format and the result of each candidates performance is kept entirely confidential.

” I can’t think of any ways to improve the program. Great process!”

But here’s the thing…while its certainly pretty cool to earn the IBR® or MIBR™ designation…it’s not at all about passing or failing…it’s not about the designations…what it IS all about is learning and professional development, and the honing of ones inspection skills. It’s about an advanced exercise designed to sharpen awareness and increase performance….and to make all of the participants better Home Inspectors. So….if you think you’re up to it….and we bet that you are….come and join us for a truly worthwhile experience….

The previously mentioned and all-important Educational Review is for newer or novice Inspectors or for those that might be considering the Home Inspection profession. Educational Review candidates are provided a formal walk-through of the house being inspected….with a committee member…to discuss the various defects identified by the committee. The ensuing discussions that always take place relating to why particular issues were identified, how they were discovered, and how they might be reported are always beneficial. The Educational Review is a great opportunity to gain insight into the “how and why” of a Home Inspection and to explore a home through the mind of an experienced Home Inspector. This part of the Peer Review program… the Educational Review…is one of the most important aspects of the program because of its benefits to the new or novice Home Inspector…NCASHI Inspectors are always willing to share their skill sets with those that might be considering membership.

We invite any North Carolina Home inspector, and anyone that might considering entry into the Home Inspection profession, to learn more about all of the aspects and components of the Peer Review program….learn more about the NCASHI organization right here on our website. And also right here on our web-site, you can sign up for our newsletter to stay apprised of all upcoming educational events.