IBR Designations


Inspector by Review® (IBR)

The applicant must have passed ASHI exams prior to IBR registration. In the IBR the participant is given time to inspect a selected house as if he/she were working for a paying client. Later, after preparing an inspection report, the participant presents the inspection findings to a peer review panel consisting of three members. The participant is expected to identify all of the major deficiencies and to demonstrate thorough technical knowledge and effective communication skills. Participants who pass will receive IBR certificate and an Inspector By Review lapel pin.

Master Inspector by Review™(MIBR)

Master Inspector By Review is similar to the IBR program with the additional requirement that the inspector must have been an ASHI member and active chapter participant for at least 5 years. Participants who earn the prestigious designation will receive a MIBR certificate and a Master Inspector By Review lapel pin.