NC Home Inspector Peer Review

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NCASHI has scheduled a Peer Review for TBD……

“NC ASHI will be conducting a Peer Review …..TBD  …….. Peer Review provides home inspectors a means to test their inspection techniques against the Peer Review Committee and hone their inspection skills in a non-threatening environment. The Peer Review Committee pre-inspects a home and develops a list of deficiencies (maximum of 10 items) that meet the NC Standards of Practice. Attendees are given two hours to inspect the same home under the same conditions as the committee developing their own list of deficiencies. Each candidate will be allowed a minimum of one hour to prepare their notes to present their list to a review panel of three committee members. Each candidate will be administered an oral exam of 30 questions (20 multiple choice and 10 true/false) to test the basic knowledge of the candidate about home inspections. Each candidate is required to bring two previously completed home inspection reports with the accompanying inspection agreement. The inspection report and agreement will be checked against the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board Compliance worksheet to ensure reports and contracts meet the Standards of Practice. Reports and agreement will be returned prior to the completion of the candidates presentation. The goal is to improve the techniques of the inspector candidate having exposed each inspector to the same house under the same conditions. All Peer Review panel information is completely confidential and the findings of the panel are not discussed outside the review panel.


This a limited space exercise to ensure the quality of the program. There is still space available and the cost is $125. To reserve space or request more information contact Andy Hilton at 336.682.2197 or

Contact Andy Hilton to register at

(336) 961-6809 for the latest information.